Hot In HereDesign Engineering Inc.'s new Heater Hotter is a performance radiator additive specially formulated to rapidly absorb heat from the engine and transfer it to the cooling system without raising engine temperatures. This means a 50-percent faster warm-up to help the engine reach normal operating temperature. This ensures that hot air is available for interior heat on command, even in sub-zero temperatures. Heater Hotter also has a corrosion inhibitor and is compatible with all anti-freeze mixtures, safe with all alloys, 100-percent biodegradable, water soluble, and non-toxic.DEI / 800.264.9472

Exhaustive ListGReddy Racing TiC cat-back exhausts combine the design, look and flow of their Full Racing Titanium systems with the durability, deep sound, value and large application list of their other stainless steel street systems. The fusion of aggressive styling and practical construction makes this the logical choice for both race and street enthusiasts. It improves high and mid-range performance while still allowing for suitable sound levels when used with the included tuned Tri-Mounted Silencer (most applications below 92db, with all under 94db). The large list of applications includes 70-80mm piping for turbo applications and 50-60-70mm for naturally aspirated vehicles.GReddy / 949.588.8300

Unleash The PowerThe PowerCard TC2 lets you add fuel wherever your engine needs for maximum performance throughout the power band. With a wide range of adjustment at your fingertips you can add fuel on the fly in real time with no laptop required. PowerCard works with your factory ECU. Installation is a snap with one wire for each fuel injector plus a power and ground wire.Moss Motors / 888.235.6955

Touch Of I.C.E.Kenwood added a new single-DIN in-dash touchscreen receiver to their line of car electronic components. The new model, the KVT-617DVD has a 7-inch wide Color TFT Active Matrix Display with a motorized, fully automatic open/close function that includes screen slide and angle adjustments. The touchscreen function also permits direct control of the DVD menus. The receiver includes six attractive wallpaper patterns for video images when an audio only source is playing. The unit is compatible with DVDR/RW discs and CD, MP3, WMA, JPEG and MPEG files on disc.Kenwood / 800.536.9663

Lock And LoadThe Jirah Company just released the Lampstand, the "hands free," self-locking, adjustable flashlight tripod. It lets you work unencumbered while it holds your flashlight steady on the problem area. Simply load your full-sized flashlight through the locking plate, point and place. No clamps or fasteners of any kind are required. Adjustment is infinite from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical. It folds flat for convenient storage in your toolbox, backpack or glove compartment. The all-aluminum construction won't rust and can't be magnetized. It accommodates nearly all full-sized D-cell flashlights.Jirah / 909.986.1193