Hose OffToday's demand for high performance vehicles means a greater demand for engine components. Samco Sport is meeting these demands with their new universal SamcoXtreme hoses. The challenge: To develop a hose giving high temperature (up to 250 degrees) and high-pressure ratings while still maintaining a lightweight and flexible hose. The solution: SamcoXtreme, Xtreme temperature, Xtreme strength and Xtreme performance.Samco Sport / www.samcosport.com

Water For Your Cars SoulTop Fuel's Power NEO Waterline is an epoch-making product. By installing the Power NEO Waterline the properties of the cooling water are changed, augmenting electrolysis-material photoconduction properties. Moreover, the grounding effect is improved with the magnetic processing water that flows in the water jacket of the engine. As a result, complete combustion is promoted and the fuel consumption is improved. The end result is that the exhaust emission is cleaned.Top Fuel / 626.935.8881

Tear The TarmacToyo Tires introduces the new Proxes R888 D.O.T.-legal competition tire. A wide center block delivers excellent traction and directional control for dry braking. Large, interlocked shoulder blocks maintain a large surface area during cornering for immediate steering response and ultimate dry traction. The tires maintain contact pressure distribution during cornering, braking and acceleration. The tires also have a rounded shoulder to maintain contact during suspension geometry changes in hard turns. A unidirectional angled-groove tread features a 61/432" tread depth to eject water and avoid hydroplaning in wet weather conditions. The Proxes R888 incorporates a high-modulus filler located in the center of the tire bead structure to help reduce tire wall deflection under hard cornering.Toyo Tires / West Coast 800.442.8696 / East Coast 888.444.8696

Speeding Away Speedways are quickly becoming one of Sparco's best selling shoes. FIA and SFI homologated, Speedways have a mid-top design for excellent ankle support and superior flexibility. The shoes feature a soft suede upper and a Nomex inner liner. The sole is designed for maximum pedal feel and control and features a "carbon look" wear panel for heel and toe downshifting. Speedways are available in four color combinations and are valued at $169.Sparco / 949.797.1750

Controlled SprayingVenovus Engineering released the first full-featured dash-mounted nitrous controller. The NCM-2 Nitrous Control Module works with both wet and dry nitrous systems and features an integrated enable/disable switch, purge switch, throttle angle display and user programmable time delay. It monitors the vehicle's existing throttle position sensor and automatically activates the nitrous at the throttle angle the user programs. The display features automatic dimming during night operation. It can interface directly with the Venovus VRM-1 Nitrous Solenoid Driver. The VRM-1 includes dual-integrated relays for the nitrous/fuel solenoid as well as a purge solenoid.Venovus / 406.599.2305