Rust removing products are not new and chances are you've had experiences with at least one of them. The problem with conventional rust removers though is that they're acid-based, meaning bad things happen when they come in contact with your skin or certain plastics, rubbers and even other metals. Whether you spray them on, brush them on or soak stuff in them, most aren't all that safe. Many aren't so environmentally friendly either, so they can't be disposed of down the drain and some can't even be shipped. Evapo-Rust is different. Since it's water-based, it's not only safe to touch it's eco-friendly. It also won't make you nauseous and it won't start a fire. You can even stick it in the mailbox and ship it. If you're smart, by now you might be wondering how something water-based can actually inhibit a destructive process that's caused partially by water in the first place. The process is known as "selective chelation," in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metal and holds it in a solution. The bond is just strong enough to remove iron from iron oxide, but too weak to remove it from pure iron. Clever. With Evapo-Rust, this bond selectively occurs in the iron oxide compound, not in the pure steel part you care about. Once the iron has been separated, a sulfur-bearing organic molecule pulls the iron from the chelator forming ferric sulfate, which remains water-soluble. This process allows the chelating agent to keep separating iron from the rust.

Using Evapo-Rust is easy. There's no scraping involved, no wire brushing, and no work really - only waiting. Just fill a container with Evapo-Rust high enough to fully submerge the rusted component. Don't worry about submerging non-rusted pieces or dissimilar materials - Evapo-Rust won't affect these at all. Let it sit for anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight, depending on the severity of the rust buildup, and then take it out. If rust remains in any cracks or crevices just stick the part back in and repeat the process. For extra protection against future corrosion, quickly dip the piece back in the solution and allow it to air dry. Once all of the rust is removed, wash the piece with water and store the Evapo-Rust away for next time. After several uses the Evapo-Rust will lose its effectiveness; when that happens just pour it down the drain. Really, it's okay.

Evapo-Rust also manufactures a number of other anti-corrosion products designed to replenish and protect not just iron and iron alloys but aluminum and its alloys also, so there's really no excuse to have that rusted-up radiator mount or crusty, oxidized control arm, that is, at least once you find out it's rusting in the first place.

Harris International Laboratories Inc. (Evapo-Rust)