The Corolla's factory rear shock setup is still retained, but height adjustment is made possible by a threaded perch. Additionally, the shock is threaded for the perfect shock stroke height. Shock dampening can be adjusted 32 ways with the adjustment screw that adjusts both compression and rebound at once. A smoother, softer ride is made possible on the street while a stiffer, more aggressive setup can be used at the track. The coilover also comes with a spherical bearing adjustable pillow ball mount. The mounts can be adjusted for positive or negative camber. Also, we were impressed that the spherical bearing could be replaced thus extending the longevity of the upper mounts.

The core of the GReddy Type-S suspension is the mono-tube shock design that uses a 46mm diameter piston. The larger diameter piston increases durability while still providing optimal precision dampening. GReddy designed the system to be very lightweight without sacrificing the structural integrity of the strut.

Also impressive about the Type-S coilover is their limitless adjustment possibilities. GReddy offers different spring rates allowing the driver to custom tailor the setup to his/her needs. Spring rates can be tuned to as low as 4 kg/mm (223 lbs/in) and up to 16 kg/mm (894 lbs/in).

On the road, the Type-S coilover is considerably more comfortable than the old TRD setup. The old setup was extremely stiff and horrible on the rough, Southern California roads. An additional benefit is that previously adjusting the dampening on the rear shocks required getting down on the floor and using a standard screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw. Now with the GReddy setup all you have to do is open the trunk and turn the adjustment knob. Finally, the rear of the car is much more stable around corners and doesn't want to kick out each time I go over a small bump.

While the parts on our Project Corolla cost more than the car itself, we get plenty of joy every time we drive it. With the new suspension, the Corolla is now able to go through several corners at Streets of Willow nearly flat out. Then again with only 100 hp under the hood it would be hard to hang the tail out.