Building the water/injection table is easy too. Users have full control over boost and engine speed ranges, allowing use of the entire table for specific maps, like manifold pressure versus rpm. Remember this is just a water/methanol controller and not a fuel management system.

Configuring the boost is just as easy. Again, simply configure the throttle position sensor range and rpm range to allow the entire table to cover ranges important to you. Additionally, users have the added safety to cut boost in the event that water pressure is lost, air/fuel ratios go lean or over-boost spikes occur. FJO even allowed for a delay on the lean cut to help filter out those short lean spikes that really don't matter.

Once configured, users can upload the configuration from their laptops and get ready to go. Once uploaded, it's easy to verify that everything works as planned. This is where the FJO engineers put their thinking caps on. The monitor function in the software allows users to view everything the controller sees and does. Logging and playback after the run is easy and the log file can be plotted using the analysis feature. Options for customizing the display are available, so watching the numbers isn't mandatory-just keep an eye out for when they change color.

As far as we are concerned, alchemy is no longer a myth. FJO outdid themselves with their new water/methanol and boost control system.

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