The Management
Hondas typically don't respond well to forced induction without the proper foresight. Honda MAP sensors are not designed to increase fuel output at the sign of positive pressure and the high-compression internals found on most Honda engines make tuning a delicate matter. GReddy's solution begins with their eManage Ultimate-a piggyback computer that alters the signals between the ECU and various engine sensors like fuel injectors. RC Engineering 550cc/min fuel injectors are supplied with the kit and provide a generous amount of fuel for what the S2000/18G combination can push. But pairing such injectors with most any Honda and an OEM ECU will result in an overly rich condition in which the engine likely won't fire up. This is where the eManage comes into play. GReddy pre-tunes the piggyback with each kit to de-tune the injectors at idle, at lower engine speeds and when boost isn't being applied. The results make for an extremely smooth idle and exceptional driveability. The eManage Ultimate also alters ignition-timing maps to decrease timing as boost increases. This is especially useful when dealing with high-compression engines, such as the F20C and F22C, where detonation can happen relatively easily even without the turbocharger-just mix in some low-octane fuel and await the pinging.

The Rest
The kit also includes a GReddy Type 31V front-mount intercooler. The V-spec core uses a tube and fin design and measures in at 195mm by 600mm by 76mm. Also matched with the 31V are all of the appropriate sections of tubing that contribute to making this kit a true bolt-on experience. The aluminum tubing is polished with bead-rolled ends to help secure the provided silicone hose couplers and clamps securely in place. An Airinx filter delivers air to the compressor side of the T518Z and a compact, stainless steel GReddy exhaust manifold supplies the turbine with what it needs. GReddy also provides a bolt-on downpipe that mates up with the factory-issued catalytic converter and features a separate section of tubing that allows the wastegate to breathe uninterrupted from the exhaust stream.

The Install
GReddy makes installation fairly easy. Typically, the most challenging part of turbocharging a non-turbocharged vehicle is sorting out the oiling system. The process generally involves a series of adapters for the feed side and at the very least a bit of welding on the return portion. Not the case here; the GReddy kit comes with a bolt-on solution. The oil pan still needs to be removed, but instead of welding on some sort of bung or adapter, all that's required is to drill the appropriate-sized hole and bolt the adapter and gasket in place. We mentioned how space is at a premium under the S2000's hood. As such, GReddy needed to find a way to make everything fit. Yes, the turbo itself is compact and so is the exhaust manifold. But no matter how compact the manifold design, little room is left over for the oil filter. The solution is included with the kit and comes in the form of a remote filter adapter. Changing the filter on an F-series has never been this easy.