Driving ImpressionsAfter installing the under panel aero from Downforce, we tested the new products and spread the NSX's wings with some spirited driving. While taking the car on a testdrive, the NSX was more stable at high speeds and also surprisingly quieter from road noise. This was possibly due to the fact that the air was basically gliding underneath the panels and didn't stumble into any open patches under the car. Some promising test results came when we encountered a sweeping 45-degree freeway interchange. We hit triple-digit speeds before we realized how fast we were going, but then had to slow down due to slower moving traffic. The NSX didn't flinch one bit and remained stable through the turn. We still haven't taken the car to the track to see how it performs, but we have good expectations for the aero mods.

Battery tray $350
FRP front bumper under tray $350
Carbon-fiber front bumper under tray $500
Carbon-fiber fuel tank cover $435
Carbon-fiber NSX-R OEM small diffuser $450
Fiberglass DF-R diffuser $675
Carbon-fiber DF-R diffuser $825
NSX-R hood exact replica FRP (MSRP $9,800) $1,750
Carbon-fiber hood duct exact NSX-R replica $450
Carbon-fiber hood duct exact NSX-R replica DF-R version $650
Carbon-fiber rear wing exact NSX-R replica (MSRP $6,800) $1,390
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