While you rumble around your favorite track, the data-logged information is automatically processed through the Race Monitor and overlaid to a video camera (used as a recording device only) to replay at a later time. Although the Race Monitor isn't a true data logger system-it doesn't use specialized software and cannot be connected to a laptop or PC computer-its monitoring of real-time data through the Race Monitor and into your portable camcorder offers detailed information for drivers trying to improve driving technique or check the balance and condition of the car during heated runs. Included within the kit is a state-of-the-art Sony 27-megapixel CCD camera that works in conjunction with the video camera provided. The palm-sized CCD camera allows the unit to be mounted in virtually any area of the vehicle's cabin, ranging from the rollcage to a harness bar mount.

Obtaining a 12-volt source is as simple as plugging the provided power cord into the cigarette lighter. For the more hard-core enthusiasts who have removed their cancer-causing apparatus, they can use the direct connection method by cutting and splicing the power and ground cables on the cigarette plug cord to tap directly into the IGN or ACC power supply.

While the Kaaz Race Monitor has been successfully designed to work with factory ECM and a majority of stand-alone units, the only stand-alone system that poses any problems is the A'PEXi Power FC. The Power FC displays a different signal that renders the Race Monitor incompatible at the moment. Kaaz engineers are currently in the process of engineering the Race Monitor to make the two communicate. The Kaaz Race Monitor is sold as a complete kit that comes with the monitor unit, GPS antenna (used in cars without a speed input wire to the ECU), CCD camera, lap sensor, PLAP II/III adapter cable, zip ties, wires, connectors and detailed instructions.

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