The billet crank kit would be considered, "the mother load of stroker kits." For years now, companies have had billets available for almost any V8 application you can think of. Now, Crower has done the same for the Honda market. The billet crank is ground to perfection from 4340 steel. For the wild and crazy Honda racer, Crower can also produce a more aggressive stroke, within a reasonable tolerances. With the billet model, one also has the option of building a short stroke kit for a high-reving turbo application. One thing you might want to take in consideration, if the stroke is extented the engine block will need modification to clear the rotating assembly. So tell your local machine shop to warm up the mill or have the die grinder ready because notching the block to clear the rods and crank is a must.

The pistons in the kit are made by JE but these particular models are only available through Crower in this kit. Crower will stock a few of the common compression ratios and bore sizes but as far as custom compressions and bores go, they can be tailored to the customer's specification. The pistons come with JE's normal high-quality performance and the units are forged aluminum with the necessary valve relief's for stock or larger-diameter valves. High-quality rings are also provided with the pistons.

The job of designing a rod that will not break under extreme engine speeds and still clear the crankcase is one of the most critical challenges when it comes to stroking the 1.8-liter. Crower has a substantial chunk of R&D time invested in these particular rods. The finished product is an I-beam rod with a reinforced big-bore end. The rods are made of 4340 steel, rod bolts are of H-11 tool steel and the bush on the small-bore end is made of bronze to reduce heat caused by friction. Compared to the stock 1.8-liter rod one can easily see the stroker rod is longer that the stocker. This ensures a better than factory rod ratio as well as a good torque output.

The non-VTEC billet stroker kit is just the beginning. Two different types of kits for different levels of achieving horsepower. The redesigned Prelude crank offers more displacement for less money while the billet model offers an almost unlimited amount of stroke variance. By the time this feature hits the stands, the B16A 1.8-liter stroker kit will be available and Crower is in the process of building billet cranks for most popular Mitsubishis and Toyotas. Stay tuned, as Crower provides different strokes for different folks.

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