Along with the VPC chip, the most critical component in the kit is the main wiring harness that allows the VPC to be wired in line between the ECU and the engine's various sensors. This is the other application-specific aspect of the VPC package. The VPC can be used by splicing the unit's four required wires into the factory harness, but this takes more intimate knowledge of the engine. Shortcomings due to sub-standard workmanship can greatly hinder the unit's performance. The harness makes installation much easier and proper operation is ensured. The air temp and pressure sensors are mounted in accordance with the installation manual and once wired, the VPC is more or less ready to rock.

It should be noted that a Fuel Cut Defenser is a must; it deletes any boost limits set on the engine, opening the door to higher boost levels. The VPC's tuning precision can be enhanced with the incorporation of a F-CON, GCC tag team. HKS' new Super AFR (Turbo, Feb. 2001) is not necessarily an updated VPC. While it does offer more precise tuning it does not delete the air mass sensor.

The VPC has been a go-to option for Supra tuners since day one and with the benefits it provides, it is easy to understand why. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.