3. Prior to removing the intake manifold for installation of the Fogger' nozzles, mark on the manifold the desired nozzle locations. These should be located approximately one inch (1") from the cylinder head. Make sure that there is adequate clearance for the Fogger(tm) nozzles, lines, fittings and distribution block. Remove the intake manifold and retain all hardware for re-installation. Remember to use NEW gaskets when re-installing. Take precautions such as covering the intake ports to prevent any debris from entering the engine. Refer to the manufacturer's service manual for sequence and torque specs of manifold bolts.

4. Once more, measure and verify the intake manifold location where you intend to install each Fogger' nozzle. All holes drilled should be perpendicular to their respective intake runner. Carefully drill a 1/4-inch diameter hole for each nozzle. If possible, drill the holes so that they all line up straight on the manifold.

5. Use a 1/16-inch NPT tap (available under NOS P/N 15990NOS) on each hole. Because this is a pipe thread, be careful not to run the tap too deep into the manifold runner hole as this may prevent the nozzles from adequately sealing. The goal here is to have the discharge orifice of the Fogger nozzle in the airstream within the runner to assure that the nitrous is being properly distributed. After the drilling and tapping has been completed, clean the manifold thoroughly and remove all shavings and debris.

6. Apply Teflon paste (do not use Teflon tape) to the Fogger nozzle threads before installing the nozzles in the manifold. This is to avoid the possibility of any vacuum leaks from occurring. Teflon tape should not be used because it requires relatively more torque to properly seal. This could cause damage to the NOS fittings and nozzles. The tape could also break loose and become lodged in the nitrous or fuel solenoids, or solenoid filters which can cause engine damage or failure.

7. Install a NOS Fogger' nozzle into each of the manifold runner holes. Orient them so that each discharge orifice is pointed down the intake manifold port, toward the cylinder head intake valve. The discharge nozzle orifice needs to clear the roof of the intake runner by about 1/8 inches. Be careful not to over-torque the nozzles.