Bolt-On Boost is back in 2001. The first time around in the August 2000 issue we featured 18 kits and had dyno tests on 11. While that's a .611 batting average, we plan to bat a thousand in 2001. In the following pages we will feature 8 all-new kits, 5 kits that didn't have dyno graphs last time, 5 kits we covered in the Dyno Cell or in a story and 6 kits that are pure retreads. The re-run kits were selected to give the guide a better mix of cars, manufacturers and a better mix of blowers versus turbos. All 24 kits were dyno tested and we have included graphs on all but two in the text. Let the turbo kits spool.

XS Engineering Celica GT-S
Turbo magazine unveiled this kit on the December 2000 issue cover car. Since then the prototype has graduated to production status. The hurdle facing the crew at XS was the Celica's single-line fuel system. This has been addressed and fuel enrichment is handled by the ECU, a rising-rate fuel pressure regulator and upgraded fuel pump. To extract upgraded power, an APEXi Super AFC is brought to bear on the 2ZZ. For our testing here we have evaluated a kit outfitted with the top-of-the-line fuel system. All versions of the XS kit include a front-mount air-to-air chiller, which is welcomed addition considering the 2ZZ's 11.5:1 compression ratio.

The kit delivers torque down low and horsepower up high and we were impressed with the car when we drove it for the December 2000 story. The sculpted Celica is an eye-catcher and XS makes it a real retina scorcher with its ball-bearing turbo conversion package.

XS Engineering
Dept. THP
4030 Palm St. Ste. 302
Fullerton, CA 92835
(714) 992-4133

Type of Turbocharger:
IHI AX-1 ball bearing

Standard Kit Boost:
7.5 psi

Turbo Magazine Dyno Tested Output @ Wheels
251.2 (upgraded output)

Fuel Enrichment:
Factory ECU, FMU, Pump (Apex Super AFC for upgraded output)

Included (air-to-air, 24x11 GTR Core)

Does kit retain use of air conditioning?

Does kit include installation manual?

Does kit include warranty?

Is kit 50-state smog legal?