This edition of "Backpressure" tracks one car we've tagged for future, full feature publication. There is little doubt Lexus is thrilled with the enthusiast support of its IS300.

We brought you a turbocharged, stock-motored J-Spec sedan style variant on the November 2002 cover and this car takes J-spec tuning to new heights. The crazed owner is swapping in a 3S-GE four cylinder, the same engine that's in the JDM Altezza. Area 51 Fabrications is turning the wrenches and its plans call for much more than a mere swap. Japanese tuners have boosted the 3S-GE since the car's debut in 1998 and Area 51 is following suit. It's starting with a built engine from Top Secret Japan. A Blitz turbo conversion kit is being utilized to up the pressure.

Things are going nicely and we're salivating over the prospects of shooting (and maybe driving) a true American Altezza. Stay tuned.