G07WT Monoblock Wheel
The recent cost of building competitive racing cars is becoming extremely high. The FIA has set out new classifications for WRC and WTCC to help privateers and smaller manufacturers race by reducing the cost of competing. This new regulation called "Super 2000" sets wheel standards to maximum width of 17x9 and minimum weight of 9kg. RAYS specifically developed a wheel to meet these standards and are able to develop the 57Motorsport line for high-end racing use. This wheel is the 57Motorsport G07WT.

Its multi-spoke design allows increased rigidity and the reduction of wheel deflection for increased traction. The reinforced rim's ribbed finish on the wheel body reduces wheel weight and provides more durability. Rollet, the knurled finish on the inside tire bead increases friction between the wheel and tire. It prevents tire slippage for maximum tracing on the track.Mackin Industries /www.mackinindustries.com

Data Systems
IQ3 Data Logger Dash
Racepak Data Systems releases its new IQ3 Data Logger Dash. The IQ3 merges Racepak's V-net single cable sensor technology and proven GPS-based data logging with a fully programmable display, creating a complete data center. This unique dash features an internal 32-channel data logger, while lap time, track mapping, and speed is obtained by the internal GPS board and three-axis g meter-thus eliminating the need for an external data logger, beacon receiver, and wheel speed sensor. The sensor wiring harness is eliminated by routing all external sensor data to the rear of the dash by a single cable.

The IQ3 features internal 32-channel data logger, GPS, three-axis g meter, 512MB micro SD memory, predictive lap time, four display pages featuring up to 28 total inputs, user-defined shift lights, userdefined alarms with on-screen warning text and lights, a display that is calibrated in both metric and imperial units, track mapping, lap time, segment time, and speed from internal GPS data.RacePak / www.iq3dash.com