"The reflashed RDX ECU shows gains throughout the powerband as a strong increase of power (10-20 hp) is shown on the dyno graphs from low-end torque (33 lb-ft at 3,300 rpm) to a good increase in top end power (26hp peak) above 5,500 rpm," Doug says. The reflashed ECU has been altered to increase the factory rev limiter from 6,500 rpm to 7,200 rpm (sport shift mode only). Baseline air/fuel ratios were slightly altered by one point to low 11s to improve the power and torque output delivered using the reflash. With some additional massaging taking place in reprogramming the reflash maps, Hondata was able to advance the ignition, lean the A/F mixture ever so slightly, and advance the cam angle to improve power. Most importantly, the spooling characteristics on the turbo were improved over factory, as the Hondata reflash increased the boost 1-2 psi in the midrange while top end boost was altered to a safe yet noticeable 3-4 psi. "We designed the reflash to be marginal in alterations to the engine, yet deliver the maximum amount of power available for the RDX without sacrificing driveability and reliability," Doug says.

The next phase of testing consisted of removing the factory exhaust and down pipe setup to replace it with a larger 3-inch diameter prototype Church Automotive exhaust system. A custom reflash setup, available only through Church Automotive, offered some promising results as the custom exhaust netted 40-plus horsepower and torque increase over stock. Currently, Church Automotive has no plans of offering this system to the general public due to the intricate design and cost to build, but it's possible that customer demands and inquiries can sway them to build a more affordable, cost effective unit in the near future. A quick testdrive around the block offered a whole different animal in the RDX. A quick turn around the corner followed by a stomp on the accelerator broke all four tires loose as the turbo quickly spooled with every shift of the transmission. The performance gains were obvious and gave the RDX a sportier presence than what I had experienced less than an hour ago when driving the stock version.

Ordering the Hondata reflash is as quick and easy as removing your factory ECU. Drop it off at an authorized Hondata dealership, fill out a vehicle information form, and they send it off to Hondata to be programmed. Hondata doesn't require the vehicle's keys or immobilizer, which makes this a simple one-two step. At $595 for the basic reflash and the option to purchase a new ECU with reflash for $1,150, the Hondata reflash is your answer to obtaining maximum power from your RDX.

Acura RDX ECU PN RWC-A56 and A57 Hondata Reflash Pricing:
K23A1-RDX ECU flash program 7,200rpm rev limit: $595
K23A1ECU-RDX ECU and flash program 7,200rpm rev limit: $1,150
K23A1-RDX-Church ECU flash program 8,600rpm rev limit: $595
K23A1-RDX ECU flash program 7,200rpm rev limit with new ECU: $1,095

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