Suspension Specialists
For many people Keiichi Tsuchiya is a name immediately identifiable within the automotive tuning industry. His many seasons of racing have given him much knowledge and insight as to how a car should be ideally setup. Fans that follow Mr. Tsuchiya, and know his philosophy immediately know his emphasis on suspension to keep a cars balance in check. New to the United States is a line of suspension dubbed DG-5. After much R&D (including real trackside testing done by yours truly) DG-5 answers many of the demands of today's weekend trackside warrior to professional drifter, or if your looking to beef up the handling on your street machine. DG-5 features customizable spring rates by Swift(tm), monotube design, 30 stages of dampening, and heavy duty support brackets making this ideal for a variety of driving styles and conditions from street to track. Keep an eye out for DG-5 as new products are still in development.
DG-5 Suspension / www.driftspeed.com

Design Engineering
Design Engineering is the world leader in thermal tuning products. Its high-performance reflector, Reflect-A-Gold, was born in the aerospace industry for use in automotive applications where extreme temperature-swing environments exist. This state-of-the-art polymer laminated glass cloth is extremely lightweight and capable of handling continual operating temperatures as much as 850 degrees F, reflecting 80 percent of all radiant heat while offering a weight savings advantage, unlike other reflective-type materials. Requiring minimal clearance, Reflect-A-Gold is a highly conformable material that has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, which is easy to apply and remove. Common uses include wrapping wire bundles, fuel lines, engine covers, seat bottoms, bulkheads, fuel cells, or engine compartments. Reflect-A-Gold is available in several configurations, including 11/2- and 2-inch wide by 15- and 30-foot rolls. Stock cut sheet sizes of 12 by 12 inches, 12 by 24 inches, and 24 by 24 inches are available, as well as special order custom cut lengths.
Design Engineering / www.designengineering.com

Nissan Gt-R Cba-R35 Sp Street Exhaust
5Zigen's newest SP Street exhaust system for the Nissan R35 is designed to optimize the VR38DETT engine. The SUS 304 main pipe is 1mm wide and has 80mm diameter piping that splits into dual 60.5mm Inconel flamed tips. With a total weight of 11kg, compared to the factory unit that weights 18.8kg, the new 5Zigen SP exhaust improves performance while keeping decibel tone to a minimal 90dB (with an optional front pipe installed it's 98dB).
5Zigen USA / www.5zigenusa.com