The preliminary fitment of the manifold was done in the car to ensure that there were no clearance problems. Since we didn't have the wastegate at the time, Naoto had to fabricate the wastegate tube with the framerails in mind. We also had to remember not to interfere with the power steering pump. This tube is probably the preliminary design and will have to be adjusted once we have everything in the car.

The surfaces of the pump gear, relief piston, and pump housing are all treating to reduce the amount of friction that you can see. This will be especially effective under the increased rpm we will be throwing at the motor.

Now that our manifolds are taken care of, Naoto wanted to seal up the motor before it was installed. First, we started with the front cover assembly. The oil pump is built into the front cover. We had WPC treat our pump gear, oil relief piston, and the cover itself. As we discussed before, WPC treatment is effective on any friction surface, which in turn allows our pump to spin with ease.

Scouring the Internet for KA parts, he came across a new piece by a company called Xcessive Manufacturing. The factory KA24DE oil pan is made of stamped steel. Xcessive made a cast pan extension similar to a factory SR20DET that uses the stock pickup and requires no modification to the engine or chassis. They also incorporate a 1/2-inch NPT port for the oil drain off our turbo.

We got an oil sump from GReddy to mate to the extension. Originally designed for an SR20DET, this sump features swing baffles to keep oil where it needs to be in the pan under high g's. It is also casted with fins to promote cooling and an 1/8-inch NPT bung for a temperature sensor. The combination of the extension and sump increases our oil capacity by over 1,000cc.

Since we are going to use a standalone system, Naoto wanted to incorporate a coil pack system to our build. Using Okada Projects S2000 coil packs as a base, he machined and welded an adaptor plate to the valve cover, taking into account the height of the new coil packs and positioning to fit each cylinder. (We will discuss this more in depth in our electronics article.) An AN-10 fitting is also welded on for appropriations for a catch can.

Each of the parts we installed work as a whole to our estimated power goals. We are now ready to get this motor installed and mate it to drivetrain. Stay tuned because next month we will get our motor in and discuss how we'll get the power to wheels.

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