I believe that some of them are factory standard in other markets. We first installed a set of front brake air guide vanes, which are plastic vanes that bolt to the lower control arms that divert undercar airflow to the brakes to help keep them cool. The lower control arms have the holes to accommodate these parts and installation is an easy few-minute job.

We installed a Vortex generator on our roof, which is a standard equipment part for the MR models and is a truly functional piece. These generators create vortexes in the airflow above the rear window, helping the airflow that is separated from the car body at the roof/rear window juncture become reattached to the body sooner. Not only does this reduce drag but it helps increase the rear wing efficiency by 20 percent at 100 mph with no increase in drag, a significant result. The Vortex generator was factory color matched and installed in a few minutes with self-adhesive tape.

To further help the wing, we installed another MR part: a rear Gurney flap. The Gurney flap is a small fence that is about the height of 5 percent of the wing's chord. It helps the wing produce about 10 percent more downforce with a minimal drag penalty. Between the Gurney and the vortex generator, we gained about 30 percent more downforce at speed with no penalty in drag, a significant gain from some very subtle parts, keeping with our stock-looking sleeper Evo goal.

Since we gained rear downforce, we had to do something to the front to keep the aerodynamic balance. Since the SE model of the Evo already has the Mitsubishi genuine accessory front air dam (JDM MR) as standard equipment, we added the accessory front canards to increase downforce. Canards do two things: increase downforce by acting like dive planes on a submarine, directing airflow upward, and create side vortexes that help keep airflow from spilling off the sides of the car underneath it. Since the parts come unpainted from Mitsubishi, we took them to MOB Works in Anaheim, Calif., to get them painted to match our bodywork. After installing the canards, we noticed a slight improvement in highway straight-line stability, especially on windy days.

Finally to pimp out or engine compartment, we installed an ARC titanium coil pack cover. Sure this part saves an ounce or two of weight, and it probably helps reduce EMI from interfering with the car's electronic functions, but we admit it's actually all about the bling factor. In our next installment, we'll revisit the engine.

Afterhours Automotive
Fabrication, lightweight bumper brace

Ark Designs
Multi-Function Display, Advanced BoostControl, Rev Shift Timer, E-Harness

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Brembo Gran Turismo brake kit