In 1982, HKS Japan released a small, rather unusual- looking box, referred to as a turbo timer to the consumer market. The HKS turbo timer was the first commercialized timer specifically designed for auto- mobiles and sold to the general public in Japan. This simple yet effective electronic gizmo, which consisted of a gray box with four push buttons, was designed to keep the car at idle for a pre-specified period. With a simple push of the button and a shutoff of the ignition, the timer would begin a time-sequenced countdown before finally shutting the engine off as a means to initiate engine cooldown and keep fresh oil streaming through the turbo's center-bearing cartridge to prevent premature wear or damage. As technological advancements in the automotive industry have grown over the years, the HKS turbo timer has also evolved. HKS released a ninth generation turbo timer design, offering a sleeker, more-advanced product that promises to set a new standard in high-performance electronics.

Prior to the slim, low-profile ninth-generation HKS turbo timer design, consumers felt the burden of owning the older-model HKS timers that were bulky in size and dimension. With the previous eighth-generation model measuring in at 21x80x80 mm with a 40x10mm LCD display, many consumers were forced to place their timers in the glovebox to salvage interior space for other electronics. HKS has two specific models available, depending on what options the end user is looking for in his or her turbo timer setup. Both HKS turbo timer models (Type-0 and Type-1) share similar designs, using a separate LCD display and control unit and following the same concept as the current HKS EVC and A/F knock amp. The more basic of the two models is known as the Type-0, which features a red LCD backlit display for easy visibility, two timer modes, and a battery voltage meter with a peak value indication and warning function.

If you're looking for all the bells and whistles then the Type-1 timer is a perfect solution for you. The Type-1 model features a light blue LCD backlit display and uses the same basic timing and voltage features as the Type-0 but also includes additional monitoring and measurement functions built into the unit. The Type-1 features an "auto mode" for the timer function that will automatically increase cooldown time, depending on how hard the car was driven prior to shutoff. Tapping into the factory ECU harness using the provided wire leads enables the end user to monitor vehicle speed and engine rpm on the LCD readout. Customization to your rpm settings is also available on the timer, with a two-stage rpm warning that can be set and used as a shift indicator. The HKS turbo timer Type-1 also features various measurement functions, including a quarter-mile timer, 0-to-60 timer, stopwatch time measurement, and lap time measurement. The turbo timer Type-1 can read in either mph/SAE or kph/metric. With numerous features packed into the version nine HKS turbo timers, you'll be glad to know it's also compatible with all HKS turbo timer harnesses to make for a quick and easy installation process.